Mold Inspections

Each year, 35% of homes are damaged due to water or moisture

What is mold?

Mold is a microscopic organism that decomposes organic matter. Mold is actually a fungus and plays an important role in nature, breaking down any dead materials such as leaves and wood. Unfortunately, it can also result in costly remediation needs and health issues.

One of the most notable and challenging characteristics of mold is its ability to reproduce. By releasing tiny spores into the air, which are invisible to the human eye, mold can enter into a home. Once inside, mold simply needs a food source and water or moisture to survive.

Mold spores are virtually everywhere and are impossible to eliminate from your home. It’s important to remember that without moisture, mold cannot exist. That’s why fixing leaky roofs, preventing basement flooding, and keeping indoor humidity low are some of the things HouseMaster inspectors will stress during a home inspection. Under the right conditions, spores can germinate within 12-48 hours, and when mold grows to large quantities (called colonies), the risk of a variety of health problems can increase

The health risks of mold.

Similar to how people are affected by allergens differently, the effects from mold vary. Mold can be categorized into three different groups according to their potential health threat:  Allergenic, Pathogenic, and Toxic.

Allergenic molds are not usually life threatening, but can cause irritation of the nose, eyes, throat and skin. Pathogenic molds may result in sinus infections and can severely affect someone who currently has a weak immune system. Toxic molds can seriously affect just about anyone’s health — so it’s very important to test for mold if you suspect you have it.

Unfortunately, there is no way to prevent mold from moving into your home. You simply have to take the steps needed to minimize the potential effects.

Types of Mold Services

If you suspect your home has mold or you are experiencing ill health effects, there are several basic types of mold sampling services* available:

Limited Mold Sampling: This type of service consists of surface and/or air mold sampling that is intended to identify the presence of and type of mold in/at one or more specific areas you request to be tested. The samples are analyzed by an IAC2 Certified Lab and a report is produced indicating the types and levels of mold detected. This type of service is provided in conjunction with a real estate transaction,  as part of an annual home maintenance inspection, if a breathing related infection occurs, or as evidence for use in litigation.

Mold Screen: This service consists of a limited visual inspection of the readily visible and accessible areas for conditions conducive to mold in suspect areas. This type of service is often provided in conjunction with a real estate transaction, or as part of an annual home maintenance inspection. A mold screen is included with a complete home inspection

Clearance Sampling: This service is a Limited Mold Sampling provided at the conclusion of mold remediation in a specified contained area to determine if the remediation was successful.

HouseMaster is available to assist you with your mold inspection needs, other home inspection or envrionmental testing.